Autocorrect Pty Ltd was established in July 2015 by Pierre de la Rey. Pierre started his career in the motor vehicle industry in 1996 and has worked for numerous companies in South Africa, the UK and Australia, after finally making the decision to start his own business, in the town he has been calling home since 2008: Alice Springs.

The Autocorrect workshop is located on 2D Milner Road, Alice Springs, behind Zodiac.

Get the best 4wd lift kit for your next 4×4 adventure. We have a great range of lift kits depending on your vehicle and application including Dobinsons Lift Kit. We’re the best place to lift a car in Alice Springs!


Logbook services

We provide professional services to all makes and models of vehicles to the manufacturer’s specifications. Is your car due for a service? Call us today to book an appointment!

Roadworthy (Rego) inspections

We are qualified to do rego inspections (NT) to all makes of vehicles. Is your car due for a Rego inspection? Phone us today to book an appointment!

Logbook services

We provide professional services to all makes and models of vehicles to the manufacturer’s specifications. Is your car due for a service? Call us today to book an appointment!

Pre-purchase inspections

Thinking of buying a second hand car? Bring it to us before making the final decision! We will perform a thorough check of the vehicle’s condition and provide you with a detailed report.

Air conditioning

We are qualified (AU41523) to perform air conditioning repairs and services to all makes of vehicles. Is your air-conditioning not working properly? Book an appointment to get it fixed!

Accessory Fitments

We can fit any accessories to your vehicle, including bullbars, shocks, driving lights, dual batteries, radios and more.

Auto electrical

We provide auto electrical services to all makes of vehicles, including rewiring electrical systems.

Crash repair quotations

We can provide crash repair quotations, which will be provided in house by Alice Crash Repair.


We’ve got all the modern equipment and knowledge to perform diagnostic procedures on your vehicle to pin point the cause of your vehicle miss-performance.

Fleet maintenance

Alice Springs is the service centre for the outback. With so many organisations and businesses based in Alice Springs servicing the numerous communities around Central Australia, fleet maintenance is an important priority for many. Specialized in Toyota, an eye for detail and extensive experience servicing vehicles subjected to the harsh conditions of the Australian Central Desert, we are offering service contracts for fleet companies that are looking for exceptional service.

Suspension & Lift Kit

We specialise in suspension & lift kits! 4×4 vehicles require a specialist kind of suspension that’s a little different from that of a regular passenger vehicle. Often 4×4 suspension will come in a kit, and the right kit will depend on the requirements of the vehicle and the vehicle’s owner.
4X4 Suspension Kits - What Do You Need To Know

Alice Springs can be a harsh enviroment on cars, especially 4WDs. A lift kit is one of the best additions you can make. Some advantages of specialist 4×4 suspension kits is they can: improve riding comfort
enhance the vehicle’s handling ability
improve safety
increase the towing capacity of the 4×4
Increase the 4×4’s load capacity
improve overall aesthetics
enhance vehicle stability
increase ground clearance for off-road driving
enable the 4×4 to better handle harsh Australian conditions

A heads up.

If you plan to change out your own suspension and you were to source and purchase a 4×4 suspension lift kit online from an overseas website, it may not be legal to use in Australia. This is something you need to be mindful of.

Different countries have different rules and laws when it comes to a vehicle’s suspension, so if DIY is your plan, make sure the lift kit you purchase is legal to use on a vehicle driving on Australian roads. If it’s not, you’ll end up incurring a fine and likely have your 4×4 impounded until you can get the car fitted with a legal suspension lift kit.

Just because a suspension or lift kit is okay to use in the United States, for example, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically compliant with Australian laws.

The best way to be absolutely sure is to have a local suspension specialist such as Auto Correct to supply and install the right kit for your vehicle. We’ll make sure you’re 100% compliant.


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